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We are athletes. We are families. We are neighbors. And we are passionate about the benefits of massage. Massage is not just a luxury,  it is a necessity. We are passionate about our work and giving our guests superior services with a wide range of knowledge specializing in various techniques.
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Licensed Massage Therapist
Intuitional Bodyworker, Deep Tissue,  Sports, Therapeutic, Neuromuscular

“I have always felt like I was a “Healer” and the body has always been a huge interest to me ever since I was a little girl. I always thought I’d be a doctor but when the time came to decided on a college to go to it never felt right. I choose to go to a trade school just to do something…and ended up falling in love with massage therapy. I honestly can not imagine doing anything else with my life.  ”

— Beth



Licensed Massage Therapist
Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage

Jack was born and raised here in beautiful Northern Michigan. His three biggest loves in life are being outdoors, gardening, and his daughter.

It was his daughter who brought him to pursue massage therapy as a career. Despite her being disabled, the daily combination of physical therapy, massage therapy, and intentional touch have allowed her to thrive. He wants to be able to bring these same healing aspects of touch to others.

Jack graduated from Mind Body Institute in Traverse City, Michigan and has taken additional schooling in prenatal and pediatric massage. He has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys learning about integrating new techniques with the human body’s natural ability to heal itself.

“When I really saw how much massage helped my daughter’s spastic muscles, I knew that I wanted to learn more and to be able to help others, as well. I saw how truly important bodywork is for everyone, not just a select few. All of our bodies are unique and each person needs a slightly different approach to bodywork in order to reach their optimal balance. I want to be able to provide that with different integrative modalities in a safe and respectful environment, no matter your age, gender, or where you are on your journey in this adventure that we call life.”

— Jack



Originally from Maine, TommLynn moved to Michigan in 2020 to attend the Mind Body Institute to learn Massage Therapy, after 7 years of previous body work experience. Her focus is on Deep Tissue Massage and Lymph Drainage Massage, however she is well versed in each type of Massage Therapy. She has plans to be certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage, and Prenatal Massage as well.

When she isn't working she enjoys hikes with her rescue pup, reading a good mystery novel and solving puzzles!


Ellisha (EE-LISH-AH) is a born and raised Northern Michigan girl who has always loved the natural beauty Traverse City has to offer. She is a licensed therapist who has a passion for the holistic benefits massage offers. As a former Division 1 athlete from the Univ. Of Detroit Mercy, Ellisha knows first hand how valuable massage can be in enhancing function in and after sports as well as everyday life.
The area of massage Ellisha is passionate about is therapeutic and pregnancy massage. Ellisha is also well versed in Swedish, Lymphatic, deep tissue, and is certified as a prenatal massage therapist through the Institute of Somatic Therapy.
She worked as a midwife assistant for over 5 years and loves serving the mom's and soon-to-be mother's in their most sacred experience of pregnancy.


With over 15 years experience in business management, organization and health and wellness, she loves to focus on creating systems for businesses that help them run smoothly, allowing the team members to grow both professionally and personally due to a structured work environment.

Her motto is "Life is too short to live to work, we work to LIVE!" She prides herself on creating work structures that support a healthy work/life balance.

As our Office Manager she loves seeing clients each day.

In her free time you will find her on her farm in Empire with her horse, goats, cats, dogs and adorable husband, hiking the trails at the National Park, or enjoying a cold brew at one of her favorite breweries in town.


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